Vulture Prospector

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A Vulture Prospector in the fleet menu

The High-stress Refit (Mono) modkit from Conlido RVM is an ingenious stretch of the imagination requiring a skilled shipwright to implement; this build reroutes the feeds and power for the two low-stress undermounts, and runs them through the substructure around the cargo bay, along with customized consumable feeds. While the combined feeds are adapted to operate any single central high-stress mounting, the support structure pierces the habitat making operating the ship uncomfortable. -In-Game Description

Vulture Prospector
Make Mitsudaya-Starbus / Conlido RVM
High-Stress 1
Low-Stress 2
Crew 6
Dry mass 37,500 kg
Cargo bay 90 m^3
Processed cargo 14,000 kg

The Vulture Prospector is the only prospector to come with a high-stress hardpoint, combined with the angled RCS and dual torches, it is a competent salvage or combat vessel. The shortened cargo bay and lack of drone slots make the vulture less suited for mining then the Eagle, though it maintains the same processed cargo capacity.


  • Due to the uncomfortable crew quarters, the Vulture has an below-zero Morale stability point.
  • Despite having cramped crew quarters, the Vulture has the standard Prospector crew capacity of six.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Drone hardpoints Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Engines Stripped hull price Variant
Eagle Prospector 0 2 2 6 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 184,099 E$
Bald Eagle 0 2 2 6 29,500 kg 40 m^3 4 297,499 E$ Racing
Peacock Prospector 0 2 2 4 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 297,949 E$ Luxury interior influences crew morale towards happy
Vulture Prospector 1 2 0 6 37,500 kg 90 m^3 2 455,449 E$ Drone hardpoints replaced with a high-stress hardpoint
Pelican Prospector 0 2 2 6 62,000 kg 240 m^3 2 860,449 E$ Larger cargo bay, grinders replaced with excavator