Pelican Prospector

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A Pelican Prospector in the fleet menu

This rare extended cargo bay variant, created in collaboration with Titan Heavy Industries, takes advantage of the sparsely ribbed cargo hold design of the original Eagle. It extends the raw cargo space in all directions, almost tripling the raw cargo capacity of this vehicle. Her additional dry mass and the capacity to load up much more cargo shifts the center of mass far in front of the habitat, making maneuvers unwieldy. Due to the increased mass of the bay, the signature rock grinder of the Eagle has been swapped out for a standard excavator. -In-Game Description

Pelican Prospector
Make Mitsudaya-Starbus / Titan Heavy Industries
Low-Stress 2
Drone hardpoints 2
Crew 6
Dry mass 62,000 kg
Cargo bay 240 m^3
Processed cargo 14,000 kg

The Pelican Prospector is a mining-oriented variant, boasting the largest cargo bay and opening of the Prospector series. The significantly increased mass and size of the Pelican results in poor handling compared to the Eagle, though the dual torches help maintain good acceleration. The pelican is well suited for slower mining techniques, due to the massive cargo bay and dual drone slots. Some pilots find the large excavator opening to also be helpful for salvage.


  • The pelican has a large cargo bay opening, similar to the Cothon-211 "Chonker", letting it swallow objects most other craft cannot.
  • Despite the enlarged cargo bay, processed cargo capacity remains the same.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Drone hardpoints Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Engines Stripped hull price Variant
Eagle Prospector 0 2 2 6 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 184,099 E$
Bald Eagle 0 2 2 6 29,500 kg 40 m^3 4 297,499 E$ Racing
Peacock Prospector 0 2 2 4 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 297,949 E$ Luxury interior influences crew morale towards happy
Vulture Prospector 1 2 0 6 37,500 kg 90 m^3 2 455,449 E$ Drone hardpoints replaced with a high-stress hardpoint
Pelican Prospector 0 2 2 6 62,000 kg 240 m^3 2 860,449 E$ Larger cargo bay, grinders replaced with excavator