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Cothon-212 - ΔV: Wiki


From ΔV: Wiki
Make Conlido RVM
Low-Stress 4
Crew 3
Dry mass 83,700 kg
Cargo bay 405 m^3
Processed cargo 27,000 kg

The Conlido RVM Cothon-212 is a cargo hauler. Its large size, high mass, limited thrusters, and small crew make it unsuited for most ring operations.


The two rear low-stress hardpoints on the Cothon two-hundred series are limited to carrying cargo containers, drones, an NT Mining Companion, a Point Defense Microwave Generator, or a terribly positioned External Impact Absorber.


Name Dry mass Processed cargo Engines EMP shielding Stripped hull price Variant
Cothon-212 83,700 kg 27,000 kg 1 100 MJ 242,549 E$
Cothon-211 "Chonker" 83,700 kg 27,000 kg 1 100 MJ 198,610 E$ Larger excavator
Cothon-213 "Triplet" 83,700 kg 27,000 kg 3 255,149 E$ Triple main engines
Cothon-217 "Bender" 103,700 kg 108,000 kg (combined) 1 100 MJ 265,049 E$ Variable processed cargohold