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A stock AT-K225 in the fleet menu

Made in collaboration with Titan Heavy Industries and Antonoff, AT-K225 general cargo carrier features a modular design capable of adopting a wide range of cargo requirements. The processed cargo storage relies on dedicated THI docking bays to host up to 6 compatible autonomous containers to increase ships' cargo capacity. A stock variant comes with standard THI Cargo Containers pre-installed. -In-Game Description

Antonoff-Titan K225
Make Antonoff-Titan Heavy Industries
Low-Stress 2
Docking bays 6
Crew 12
Dry mass 220,100 kg
Cargo bay 280 m^3
Processed cargo 7,000 kg
New price 3,999,999 E$

The Antonoff-Titan K225, commonly referred to simply as 'Titan', is a cargo carrier that has found moderate success in the rings. The extensive cargo capacity enabled by external cargo containers lets MPU-equipped ships conduct extended dives while sending ore to Enceladus automatically. Triple torches and substantial RCS help offset the incredible mass of the TItan, but many pilots find the craft too sluggish. Titans will commonly make use of nanodrones and point defense weapons to help automate mining, making the ship's limited maneuverability less impactful on efficiency.


  • The titan is capable of equipping the largest propellant, ammunition, and nanodrone storages.
  • The low processed cargo capacity mentioned in the description refers to the storage of the ship itself - installing 6 THI Cargo Containers increases it by an additional 540 tons.
  • Alternatively, the docking bays allow installing various light equipment like nanodrones or PDMWGs.