Model E

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A stock EMIE in the fleet menu

The first commercially viable fusion craft, the Model E includes multiple ground-breaking innovations. Her signature fusion reactor and torches deliver unparalleled performance, and the halo of her liquid-droplet radiator is instantly recognizable. Her features include a semi-autonomous autopilot, huge reaction wheels using her propellant as reaction mass, and a cargo bay that can split open to enclose large payloads. -In-Game Description

Elon Interstellar Model E
Make Elon Interstellar
High-Stress 1
Low-Stress 2
Crew 5
Dry mass 27,000 kg
Cargo bay 400 m^3
Processed cargo 11,000 kg
New price 8,999,999 E$

The Elon Interstellar Model E is a highly unique ship, and expensive enough that most people will never get a chance to ride in one. The unique fusion reactor provides unparalleled thermal and electric performance, while a liquid-droplet radiator keeps it cool. Twin gimballed torches and gimballed RCS provide excellent maneuverability.


  • The Model E has a unique fusion reactor, which cannot be upgraded like other ship reactors.
  • Being a bleeding-edge ship, the Model E is very fragile and expensive. Captains considering a purchase should be warned that repairs will cost a fortune.