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A Cothon-213 in the fleet menu

Developed for operation in the Jupiter-Ganymede system, the 213 sacrifices her stock Faraday cage for a more robust external frame. In combination with her triple torch mounts, the 213 is capable of surface operations with unassisted takeoffs from most moons in the solar system. -In-Game Description

Cothon-213 "Triplet"
Make Conlido RVM
Low-Stress 4
Crew 3
Dry mass 84,700 kg
Cargo bay 260 m^3
Processed cargo 27,000 kg

The Conlido RVM Cothon-213 "Triplet" is a variant of the Cothon-212 cargo hauler. The Cothon-213 features three main torches, significantly improving forward thrust, though maneuverability is still limited by the RCS layout. The reinforced frame required to handle the additional thrusters prevents the stock Faraday cage from being used, so the Cothon-213 lacks EMP shielding.


  • Gimballed RCS helps substantially with maneuverability.
  • The two rear hardpoints are unable to hold forward-firing weapons, only drones, side-mounted items, and PD turrets.
  • The Cothon-21x series of ships only have three crew capacity, and are thus unable to have one of each role.


Name Dry mass Processed cargo Engines EMP shielding Stripped hull price Variant
Cothon-212 83,700 kg 27,000 kg 1 100 MJ 79,549 E$
Cothon-213 "Triplet" 84,700 kg 27,000 kg 3 78,149 E$ Triple main engines
Cothon-211 "Chonker" 83,700 kg 27,000 kg 1 100 MJ 79,549 E$ Larger excavator
Cothon-217 "Bender" 103,700 kg 108,000 kg (combined) 1 100 MJ 102,049 E$ Variable processed cargo storage