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Peacock Prospector

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A Peacock Prospector in the fleet menu

The Peacock Prospector is a luxury vessel that allows a captain and his crew to operate both effectively, and in comfort. The expanded crew quarters, leather seats, and the premium espresso machine in the mess make this the nicest ride most crews have ever had the privilege of serving aboard, and her advanced interfaces make her systems remarkably easy to work with. -In-Game Description

Peacock Prospector
Make Mitsudaya-Starbus
Low-Stress 2
Drone hardpoints 2
Crew 4
Dry mass 27,500 kg
Cargo bay 125 m^3
Processed cargo 14,000 kg

The Peacock Prospector is a luxury version of the Eagle, tailored for luxury and comfort. Capable of fielding the same equipment as a standard Eagle, it's a good choice when only 4 crew are required.


  • Due to the luxury crew quarters, the Peacock has an above-zero Morale stability point.
  • Despite having "expanded crew quarters" the Peacock has the lowest crew capacity of the Prospector series.
  • The peacock also does not suffer from the same cargo reduction that the Runasimi KR37 TNTRL does.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Drone hardpoints Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Engines Stripped hull price Variant
Eagle Prospector 0 2 2 6 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 184,099 E$
Bald Eagle 0 2 2 6 29,500 kg 40 m^3 4 297,499 E$ Racing
Peacock Prospector 0 2 2 4 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 297,949 E$ Luxury interior influences crew morale towards happy
Vulture Prospector 1 2 0 6 37,500 kg 90 m^3 2 455,449 E$ Drone hardpoints replaced with a high-stress hardpoint
Pelican Prospector 0 2 2 6 62,000 kg 240 m^3 2 860,449 E$ Larger cargo bay, grinders replaced with excavator