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A K44 in the fleet menu

A prototype of the K44 MHFTR, with only a few units ever built. Designed as a replacement for K37 TNTRL, the K44 featured a much longer cargo bay and built-in MPD generators to provide power to the ship. The magnetoplasmadynamic generators weren't reliable enough for service, and most prototypes still use standard-issue turbines instead. -In-Game Description

K44 MHFTR Prototype
Make Rusatom-Antonoff
Low-Stress 4
Crew 4
Dry mass 54,600 kg
Cargo bay 136 m^3
Processed cargo 14,000 kg

The K44 is an abandoned prototype, only a few ships were ever built, making it a very rare sight in the rings. Despite being drastically longer and heavier, the K44 uses the same thruster layout as the K37, leading to limited maneuverability, especially when filled with cargo. The high-stress hardpoint has been removed in favor of two additional low-stress hardpoints, making it less useful for salvage or combat. The large cargo bay and processed cargo capacity, combined with 4 hardpoints, make the K44 a good choice for mining operations.


  • The K44 can only be obtained as a derelict, and will never appear in the dealership or as an NPC.
  • Despite lore-wise being a prototype of a new model, K44 is mechanically a variant of the K37 TNTRL.
  • The two rear hardpoints are unable to hold forward-firing weapons, only drones, side-mounted items, and PD turrets.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Processed cargo Stripped hull price Variant
K37 TNTRL 1 2 4 33,200 kg 96 m^3 7,000 kg 88,949 E$
KTA24 TNTRL 1 2 4 27,970 kg 58 m^3 3,000 kg 87,853 E$ Tug with angled reverse thrust
KX37 TNTRL 1 2 4 37,970 kg 110 m^3 10,000 kg 140,249 E$ Extended cargo hold
Runasimi KR37 TNTRL 1 2 6 47,500 kg 100 m^3 4,000 kg 207,299 E$ EMP shielded
K44 MHFTR Prototype 0 4 4 54,600 kg 136 m^3 14,000 kg 523,200 E$ Abandoned prototype