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A KR37 in the fleet menu

A dedicated modification for research of, and sample collection in the charged ringstorms of the A ring, the KR37 sacrifices most of the internal cargo bay and processed cargo storage to fit electromagnetic shielding, an expanded habitat, and research stations. The research package includes high-resolution LIDAR and a hardened Obonto 600 series on-board computer. -In-Game Description

Runasimi KR37 TNTRL
Make Rusatom-Antonoff / Runasimi
High-Stress 1
Low-Stress 2
Crew 6
Dry mass 47,500 kg
Cargo bay 100 m^3
Processed cargo 4,000 kg

The KR37 is a highly versatile craft, capable of performing well in many different situations. A high-resolution LIDAR provides superior sensor accuracy, enabling easier identification of nearby objects. Equipped with 200MW of EMP shielding, the KR37 is nearly impervious to electromagnetic damage, making it well suited for combat and exploration. Due to the extensive internal upgrades, cargo space and processed cargo capacity are significantly reduced, making the KR37 less attractive for mining operations.


  • The high resolution LIDAR updates slower, but is much more accurate than standard.
  • The KR37 has the highest crew capacity of the K37 variants.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Processed cargo Stripped hull price Variant
K37 TNTRL 1 2 4 33,200 kg 96 m^3 7,000 kg 88,949 E$
KTA24 TNTRL 1 2 4 27,970 kg 58 m^3 3,000 kg 87,853 E$ Tug with angled reverse thrust
KX37 TNTRL 1 2 4 37,970 kg 110 m^3 10,000 kg 140,249 E$ Extended cargo hold
Runasimi KR37 TNTRL 1 2 6 47,500 kg 100 m^3 4,000 kg 207,299 E$ EMP shielded
K44 MHFTR Prototype 0 4 4 54,600 kg 136 m^3 14,000 kg 523,200 E$ Abandoned prototype