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A KTA24 in the fleet menu

This dedicated tug/recovery variant, made in collaboration with Triskellion-Armstrong, features a shorter, more robust frame and angled reverse thrust. Her unconventional thrust layout is well-suited for independent salvage and recovery missions. -In-Game Description

Make Rusatom-Antonoff / Triskellion-Armstrong
High-Stress 1
Low-Stress 2
Crew 4
Dry mass 27,970 kg
Cargo bay 58 m^3
Processed cargo 3,000 kg

The KTA24 is a tug vessel, extremely small but still capable of mounting an ARM. Angled reverse thrust prevents thrust against objects on approach, but may lead to handling issues on some configurations. The heavily reduced cargo capacity limits usability as a mining vessel, but the shortened frame is advantageous at high speeds or in combat.


  • The KTA24 is the smallest ship able to mount an ARM.
  • The angled reverse thrust causes backwards acceleration while strafing.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Processed cargo Stripped hull price Variant
K37 TNTRL 1 2 4 33,200 kg 96 m^3 7,000 kg 88,949 E$
KTA24 TNTRL 1 2 4 27,970 kg 58 m^3 3,000 kg 87,853 E$ Tug with angled reverse thrust
KX37 TNTRL 1 2 4 37,970 kg 110 m^3 10,000 kg 140,249 E$ Extended cargo hold
Runasimi KR37 TNTRL 1 2 6 47,500 kg 100 m^3 4,000 kg 207,299 E$ EMP shielded
K44 MHFTR Prototype 0 4 4 54,600 kg 136 m^3 14,000 kg 523,200 E$ Abandoned prototype