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A KX37 in the fleet menu

Limited production run of the extended cargo hold variant of the popular K37-TNTRL spacecraft extends the cargo bay by 4.4 meters, increasing both raw ore storage as well as more processed cargo capacity. -In-Game Description

Make Rusatom-Antonoff
High-Stress 1
Low-Stress 2
Crew 4
Dry mass 37,970 kg
Cargo bay 140 m^3
Processed cargo 10,000 kg

The KX37 is a lengthened version of the K37, boasting a larger cargo bay and increased processed cargo storage. While the added length is desirable for mining, the additional weight may hamper maneuverability on vessels with weak thrusters. The KX37 is a suitable choice for a dedicated mining vessel, while the high-stress hardpoint provides flexibility if combat or salvage is desired.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Processed cargo Stripped hull price Variant
K37 TNTRL 1 2 4 33,200 kg 128 m^3 7,000 kg 88,949 E$
KTA24 TNTRL 1 2 4 27,970 kg 75 m^3 3,000 kg 87,853 E$ Tug with angled reverse thrust
KX37 TNTRL 1 2 4 37,970 kg 140 m^3 10,000 kg 140,249 E$ Extended cargo hold
Runasimi KR37 TNTRL 1 2 6 47,500 kg 100 m^3 4,000 kg 207,299 E$ EMP Shielded
K44 MHFTR Prototype 0 4 4 54,600 kg 170 m^3 14,000 kg 523,200 E$ Abandoned prototype