Eagle Prospector

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A stock Eagle Prospector

Developed in the early 23rd century for the Free States of Earth, the Mitsudaya-Starbus Eagle Prospector was designed as a dedicated mining ship, equipped with a robust asteroid grinder and an impressive cargo hold. An angled thruster layout prevents thrust against ringroids during approach, and twin main engines provide more than enough thrust for interlunar travel. -In-Game Description

Eagle Prospector
Make Mitsudaya-Starbus
Low-Stress 2
Drone hardpoints 2
Crew 6
Dry mass 27,500 kg
Cargo bay 125 m^3
Processed cargo 14,000 kg
New price 2,539,999 E$

The Eagle Prospector is a dedicated mining ship, and is quite capable in that role. The Eagle comes with a unique asteroid grinder capable of breaking up and ingesting small asteroids, while a large processed cargo storage and two drone bays make in-ring refining a common strategy. Twin torches and an angled thruster layout provide excellent maneuverability, especially with gimbled RCS.


  • The Eagle Prospector is currently the only ship explicitly designed for mining, not including custom modifications.
  • Despite having two torches and four hardpoints, the Eagle has an incredibly light dry mass.


Name High-Stress Low-Stress Drone hardpoints Crew Dry mass Cargo bay Engines Stripped hull price Variant
Eagle Prospector 0 2 2 6 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 184,099 E$
Bald Eagle 0 2 2 6 29,500 kg 40 m^3 4 297,499 E$ Racing
Peacock Prospector 0 2 2 4 27,500 kg 125 m^3 2 297,949 E$ Luxury interior influences crew morale towards happy
Vulture Prospector 1 2 0 6 37,500 kg 90 m^3 2 455,449 E$ Drone hardpoints replaced with a high-stress hardpoint
Pelican Prospector 0 2 2 6 62,000 kg 240 m^3 2 860,449 E$ Larger cargo bay, grinders replaced with excavator