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The OMS menu allows you to configure your ship while on a dive. The menu is accessed via the J key.


Still in development. Might control IFF.


While not absolutely necessary, your geologist's education level can highly influence the accuracy of many of the geology screen's functions. Each of the materials at the top bar can be clicked on to show a gradually broader readout of the ore abundance within asteroids around you, which is incredibly helpful for refueling (Iron fields have alot of water, which converts to propellant), replenishing drones with the Voyager Mineral Processing Unit (They use platinum), replenishing mass driver ammo with the Voyager MPU (You need Vanadium), looking for beryllium, (Beryllium has the highest monetary density per unit, but is also the lightest and easiest to fling away, be careful with high powered mining equipment), or looking for Wolfram (Also known as tungsten, wolfram ores chunks can have the highest density per ore with a good value behind each unit). The geologist screen also gives an incredibly up to date, incredibly accurate readout on your cargo bay composition in the bottom-right of it's screen (For a more rapidly accessible screen, look in the bottom-left of your K37 HUD, in the center of your Eagle HUD, or on your ship with the Elon Interstellar HUD while you're out of the OMS screen), which is useful for accurately seeing whether there is available space or not. And finally, with active drones, mining companions and/or other automated ore grabbing assistants, you can determine their parameters for ore targeting in the geologist tab, from setting them to ignore certain types of ore, to only picking up ore above a certain value, both of which are useful to conserve drones and/or cargo space.


Using your astrogator's experience level, points of interest are marked on your astrogation map, with a selectable list of Points of Interest (POI) in the upper left. The number next to the selectable list is how long the POI will be remembered by, with relevant travel statistics in the upper right when a point is selected. It is possible to manually astrogate to POI, and the desired astrogation target will still be there upon arrival within the area, but they will not be refreshed upon arrival, you are arriving at the same target after all, not a brand new one.


Using your mechanic's education level, they are able to jury-rig systems to determine the maximal damage a system can sustain, with the performance on the system based off of the percentage of damage received relative to the max (I.E: If a system is set to only have 10% of it's normal maximal damage capacity, it will max out at 10% damage, but go no further than that until more power is allocated to the system) It is recommended to rig the systems you expect to take sudden or unavoidable damage in to minimal power while cruising around, then max out the power once they take damage in order to maintain a high degree of functionality.

You can also turn on or off certain systems on the mechanic screen, it's useful if you're trying to salvage, or want to hold the ore in your cargo bay rather than process it.