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An OCP-209 in the fleet menu

The Orbital Construction Platform is a specialized vessel designed for construction. Her forward consumable bays can adjust their weight balance to maintain a center of mass at the center of a carefully designed cargo bay. Because of this, cargos can be arranged to rotate within the bay, and offer no resistance to rotation while maneuvering. The massive side-loading cargo bay allows her to transport finished components such as reactors and bulkheads, while her twin heavy mountings allow the use of construction manipulators to assist in the assembly of large installations. With a comfortably large habitat capable of rotational G, as well as a high capacity for raw materials, this unusual design is well suited to extended construction or resupply missions. -In-Game Description

Make Obonto Microengineering
High-Stress 2
Low-Stress 2
Crew 8
Dry mass 184,500 kg
Cargo bay 610 m^3
Processed cargo 50,000 kg (combined)

The OCP is a highly unusual ship to see in the rings, a massive construction craft with twin side-mounted high-stress hardpoints, and a cargo bay larger than some ships. The unique design lends itself well to salvaging operations, capable of bringing back two ships via ARMs, and many smaller components in the oversized cargo bay. MPUs are hampered by the circular cargo bay, requiring special maneuvers to process ore reliably, but the sheer scale makes bare-bay mining a viable alternative.


  • Due to its large and comfortable habitat with rotational-G, the OCP-209 has an above-zero Morale stability point.
  • The cargo bay opening is to the right (starboard). The two high-stress slots are at that side, and can be used for ARMs to collect chunks.
  • OCP is rather unique in being able to stuff fairly large asteroids into its cargo bay, then break them up into chunks by rotating in place or thrusting. If doing so, captains may choose to not install any external (and hence damageable) equipment in these slots, to prevent it being damaged by the collisions required and require repairs. Drones, for instance, can't be damaged that way.
  • The Rosatom-Antonoff MPU is a decent choice, as although it's fairly slow and inefficient, it affects the entire cargo bay at once - other MPUs have fairly small and hard-to-use processing areas when installed on the OCP.
  • The OCP-209 can fit the largest harvester and industrial drone supplies, but can not carry any cargo containers and is limited to a small processed cargo hold of only 50,000 combined kg.