Propellant Tank

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Propellant Tanks are used to store propellant, which is required by Engines, RCS, and Turbines. When launching for a dive, propellant can be bought in batches of 1000kg for an average cost of 100 E$, though this price will fluctuate with the market.

Available propellant tanks
Name Storage Price Exclusive to
Short-range propellant tank 15,000 kg 6,000 E$
Standard propellant tank 30,000 kg 12,000 E$
Extended propellant tank 50,000 kg 20,000 E$
Long-range propellant tank 80,000 kg 32,000 E$
Interplanetary propellant tank 200,000 kg 160,000 E$
Freighter propellant tank 500,000 kg 400,000 E$ K225, OCP-209