Nanodrone Components

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In order to use Drones, nanodrone components must be carried on the ship. When launching for a dive, components can be bought in batches of 1000kg for an average cost of 500 E$, though this price will fluctuate with the market.

To store components, a nanodrone storage must be installed on the ship. Each nanodrone storage has two stats a captain needs to consider: Storage and Delivery. Storage refers to how many kilograms of nanodrone components a ship is able to carry. Delivery refers to how many kilograms per second the storage system can supply; if the combined usage of all systems on the ship exceeds this, the number of drones dispensed will be limited by the delivery rate.

If a captain is not using drones, it is recommended to sell the storage to reduce the redundant weight of bringing components that cannot be used.

Name Price (E$) Storage (kg) Delivery (kg/s)
Basic nanodrone storage 20,000 1,000 20
Industrial nanodrone storage 120,000 5,000 20
Military nanodrone storage 250,000 10,000 100
Harvester-class nanodrone storage 500,000 20,000 100
Station-class nanodrone storage 1,250,000 50,000 100

Note that Harvester & Station-class storage systems can only be installed on large ships, such as the Antonoff-Titan K225 and OCP-209..