NT Mining Companion

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In the early 23rd century, a joint-venture between Nakamura Dynamics and Titan Heavy Industries produced autonomous mining drones in an attempt to automate ring excavation. While initially successful, drone swarms developed personality quirks in their neyral networks which diminished performance over time, with drones engaging in social behaviour rather than excavation. The autonomous mining project was ultimately canceled, but the drones were quietly refurnished and rebranded as Mining Companions, to be sold to independent miners.

User Manual

  • Deploy by powering down the arm and moving away.
  • Will gather ore automatically
  • Gathering parameters can be adjusted on the Geologist tab
  • Returns to the station when full or low on propellant.
  • When attached, grinders are synchronized with your ship.
  • Empty cradle arm can catch drones and lifepods.

Technical Information

Cargo capacity 50 m^3
Autonomy class C2
Power usage (nominal) 10MW
Cradle Mass 500 kg
Manufacturer Nakamura-Titan