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Welcome to the ΔV: Rings of Saturn Wiki



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The year is 2273

The unexpected discovery of valuable minerals within the rings of Saturn has sparked a thriving space excavation industry. You control an asteroid excavation ship hoping to make it rich out on the rings.

You take trips out to the rings to mine minerals by breaking up the "iceteroids". Different areas of the rings provide different gameplay, and they have some surprises in store... Gameplay is focused on the top-down control of your ship in the asteroid field, featuring scientifically-accurate flying. An object in motion stays in motion!

Back at the base of Enceladus Prime, you can sell your minerals, upgrade and fine-tune your ship (or buy a new one!) and manage your crew and their morale.

The game places a large focus on realistic & science-backed simulation: Every sensor on your ship is simulated, from reactor control to your HUD readouts.

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The K-37, the ideal starter ship

Guide: Getting Started

Did You Know...

...that tuning a thruster's output down won't increase its fuel efficiency?

...that Saturn's rings are about 1 kilometre thick?

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