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Delta-V: Rings of Saturn supports mods, and has provided modding support since 2022. The game's modloader, when active, loads mods as .zip files from a 'mods' folder within the game's directory.

Mods can execute unsafe or dangerous code on your computer, and may carry bugs or game-breaking issues. Contact the mod author if you have problems, as Kodera Software can't help with problems caused by mods.

Getting Started

Installing Mods

Installing Delta-V mods is a simple process:

  1. Open the game's installation directory and create a folder called mods. This folder should be alongside the game's executable and .pck file.
  2. Download a mod. You'll receive a .zip file. Don't extract it, as the modloader will do that for you when the game runs.
  3. Place the mod's .zip inside the mods folder.
  4. Add the argument --enable-mods to your game's launch parameters.
    • On Steam, either right-click on your game in the Library menu or select it and click on the gear button on the right side of the window, then select "Properties...". In the popup window's "General" tab, place the argument into the "Launch Options" box, then close the popup.
    • On the Epic Games launcher, go to the Library menu, click on the "..." button next or near to the game's icon and select "Manage". In the popup window, Enable "Launch Options" and put the argument into the box that appears, then close the popup.
    • On GOG Galaxy, go to the Installed menu, then either right-click on the game's panel or select it and click the settings button next to Play, then navigate to "Manage installation" > "Configure...". In the popup window, go to the "Features" tab and enable the "Launch parameters" option. Select "Duplicate" for File 1, then put the argument into the "Arguments" box. Set it as the default executable, customise the label if you want to, and then press "OK".
    • If you don't have a launcher, go to your game's directory and create a shortcut from its executable file. On Windows, you do this by right-clicking the executable and selecting "Create shortcut". Right-click on the shortcut and, in the "Target" box, add the argument to the end. You'll need to open the game from this shortcut for it to work.
  5. Run the game. Delta-V doesn't currently have a mod menu, so you won't see changes until they appear in the game.

Backing Up Save Files


Delta-V's save files are stored in the dV folder in AppData. This is accessible by typing %appdata%/dV into the address bar. From there, copy the savegame.dv files into a separate folder. You can restore backed-up save files by replacing the ones in your AppData folder with your backed-up versions.

It's a good idea to back up save files before installing mods, even if they don't need new saves to work.