B8 Claim Beacon

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Governed by a Class-1 artificial intelligence, the B8 claim beacon broadcasts a digitally signed claim to a region of the rings. The governing AI will ensure that the beacon stays on location relative to the ring, and can process transactions to extend a claim. In event of beacon incapacitation, Triskelion-Armstrong offers free on-site replacement.

User Manual

  • Deploy by disabling the hardpoint and moving away.
  • Creates single claim - a temporary waypoint - for a fee.
  • Claim can be extended or canceled when re-visiting.
  • Cradle can be refunded after deployment.
  • Claim licence is tied to original hardpoint of the beacon. You can have two by installing claim beacon in another slot.
  • Claim broadcasts attract attention.
  • Empty cradle arm can catch drones and lifepods.

Technical Information

Dry mass 8000 kg
Propellant 8000 kg
Autonomy class C1
Cradle Mass 500 kg
Manufacturer Triskellion-Armstrong