Ganymedean Anarchy

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The Ganymedean Anarchy is a faction within the rings that is hostile to the player when first approached. This can change, however, with payoffs and trading with the main Ganymedean Anarchy Station. The station will take microdrone components, and mass driver ammunition. They are actively hostile with the Vicily and will shoot any Vicily on sight.

The Ganymedean Anarchy was started after [insert year], when [insert corp] bombed the surface station on Ganymede. Those that survived turned to piracy to survive, most moving to the Saturn system due to the excess of raw materials.


When first interacting with the Ganymedean Anarchy, they will be hostile to the player, and may pose a threat. This can be avoided by:

  • Trading with the Ganymedean Anarchy when possible.
    • So far, you are able to trade microdrone components and mass driver ammunition.
  • Having a crew member who has former ties with the Ganymedean Anarchy.

After your initial interaction, you can choose to trade and dock with the Ganymedean Anarchy, and have access to limited services on the ship until you gain their trust through supporters. You can request to do business deals with them, in which they can offer a variety of processed minerals for at least 100,000E$, get some drinks for your crew for 200E$, or interface with the local GAnet.


GAnet stands for the Ganymedean Anarchy Network, and acts as a way to connect all personnel on the local Anarchy station. When you first start out, you receive visitor access, where you can access communications and reviews of the station. Afterwards, it is possible to lose access and need to gain further trust before you can access the GAnet further, otherwise, it could result in you losing your docking privileges, and being unable to contact the station for that dive.