Reconnaissance Craft

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Reconnaissance craft provides an in-game reason why the ship is viewed at a bird’s eye view. The reconnaissance craft sends visual data to the ship for navigation, as well as other data depending on the system used.

Obonto USV-R

Obonto USV-R.png

This baseline reconnaissance craft follows your ship and delivers a video feed of the surrounding area of the ring. With the lack of additional hardware installed, the camera on this vehicle is equipped with a larger, wide-angle lens, allowing greater viewing distance than any other reconnaissance vehicle. -In-Game Description

The basic recon craft, while the Obonto USV-R does not have any special capabilities or sensors, it is capable of zooming out further, providing a wider field of view. This is a solid choice for any situation, enabling the pilot to spot valuables or react to threats from further away then otherwise possible.

Priced at 10,000 E$

Runasimi Gravimetric USV

A LIDAR with Gravimetric reading incorporated.

This reconnaissance drone, equipped with a remote laser interferometer, is capable of detecting and mapping slight gravitational distortions within the rings. The data is presented in a manner similar to a topographical map, with high gravitational disturbances (represented in hotter colors) signifying greater mass in the region. This may signify abundant mineral deposits if the visible ice mass does not reflect the readings. -In-Game Description

The USV maps gravitational distortions, and overlays the LIDAR with them. This information can be used to quickly estimate where mineral-rich locations are by comparing with visual ice density.

Priced at 40,000 E$

An additional UI element providing a readout of mineral composition.

Obonto USV-D Microseismic Series

This drone, equipped with a microseismic scanner, uses an array of low-powered lasers to induce and observe microseismic shockwaves in asteroids. The results show the trace minerals present in surface ice, and aid geologists in quickly judging their content and value. -In-Game Description

The USV-D acts similarly to the cargo bay scanners, displaying the rough composition of items on a new HUD display. To scan an object, either select it with the AP or hover your mouse over it. Objects that are being scanned can be identified by geologists faster.

Priced at 60,000 E$

The prioritizing of chunks drones will collect shown with a green line.

Obonto USV-GOT

This recon drone, equipped with optical targeting computer interface, provides the ability to manually add objects to a queue, which will direct the autonomous systems. A drone system will still operate autonomously, but will ignore targets not within priority queue defined by operator, and ignore range restrictions to reach targeted objects. -In-Game Description

A recon craft designed to be used with drones, the USV-GOT enables the use of a priority queue that overrides geologist filters and tuning restrictions. Right-clicking on any applicable object will add it to the queue, and right clicking again will remove it. Objects in the queue are prioritized by nanodrones, NT mining companions, and the EIAA-1337 autopilot.

Priced at 200,000 E$