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Antonoff-Titan K225
Make Antonoff-Titan Heavy Industries
Low-Stress 2
Docking bays 6
Crew 12
Dry mass 220,100 kg
Cargo bay 370 m^3
Processed cargo 7,000 kg
New price 3,999,999 E$

Made in collaboration with Titan Heavy Industries and Antonoff, AT-K225 general cargo carrier features a modular design capable of adopting a wide range of cargo requirements. The processed cargo storage relies on dedicated THI docking bays to host up to 6 compatible autonomous containers to increase ships' cargo capacity. A stock variant comes with standard THI Cargo Containers pre-installed.


  • The fairly low processed cargo capacity mentioned in the data sheet refers to the storage of the ship itself - installing 6 THI Cargo Containers increases it by an additional 540 tons.
  • Alternatively, the docking bays allow installing various light equipment like drones or PDMWGs, which can add up to quite a lot of firepower if used that way.