Enceladus Prime

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Enceladus Prime

Codex:enceladus-superstructure-outside-far.jpg?nolink&600 The Enceladus Prime station orbits the ice moon Enceladus. Three concentric cylinders form residential, industrial and docking rings of primary hub of ring-mining operations in rings of Saturn.

Residential ring
 * Radius: 450m
 * Length: 2500m
 * Revolution time: 188s
 * Artificial gravity: centrifugal, 7.5m/s^2
 * Population: 150.000

Outer superstructure of Enceladus Prime station holds majority of population and commercial operations. With comfortable gravity of 7.5m/s^2 residential ring is suitable for prolonged habitation without risk of muscle atrophy. Buildings are individually pressurized and powered, many of them being in fact decommissioned spacecraft - some even still spaceworthy.

Industrial ring
 * Radius: 200m
 * Length: 2500m
 * Revolution time: 419s
 * Artificial gravity: centrifugal, 0.14m/s^2
 * Population: 21.000

Industrial ring holds most manufacturing, maintenance and hydroponics to supply the station and docked craft. Minute gravity of 0.14m/s^2 is maintained for storage convenience. Personnel aboard industrial ring should use magboots at all times. Industrial ring also houses permanent population of ringers that adjusted to microgravity. As in residential district, many of the buildings in industrial ring are decommissioned or even fully operational crafts that are mounted to the ring temporarily for extended stays.

Docking ring
 * Radius: 100m
 * Length: 200m
 * Revolution time: n/a
 * Artificial gravity: microgravity

The innermost ring of Enceladus Prime serves as a docking station for refueling and resupplying ships. There are no permanent residents of docking ring.