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This category contains the various Equipment you can install on your ships.


External equipment is mounted onto hardpoints. The following equipment are all attached to external hardpoints

Different types of hardpoints -- high-stress, low-stress, drone hardpoints, and docking bays -- can accommodate different equipment.

Internal Storage

Ships have storage in the form of


Thrusters consume propellant and use heat and electrical power to accelerate the ship.


The power system consists of the following

  • Reactor Core that provides thermal power used by thrusters, the powerplant, auxiliary generators, and some other equipment
  • Powerplant that produces electrical power
  • Ultracapacitor Array that store excess electrical energy to be used during peak demand
  • Auxiliary Power Unit either an additional electrical generator or an electrical energy storage system


A ships electronics consist of

  • Autopilot that maintains a stable velocity and orientation of the ship
  • Head-Up Display to display to the pilot the status of the ship, its systems, and external sensors
  • Reconnaissance Craft that provides an external view of the ship